5 benefits of baby-wearing

Woman with baby carrier

Settling a newborn, keeping on top of your adult errands around the house and having the ability to stop and make yourself a cuppa are some of the things at the top of your motherhood list. Trying to get everything done in a day can become challenging, and as a mum you start to look for ways to make your life a little easier, wherever possible. We love baby wearing for so many different reasons, but here are our top 5. 

1. Encourages bonding and reduces crying 

Baby wearing encourages nurturing behaviors and promotes secure attachment. It helps bub learn cues to increase their confidence, and reduce crying by up to 54%!

2. Reduces reflux 

Keeping bub in an upright position in a carrier can reduce reflux-related symptoms such as vomiting and coughing. 

3. Gives mum the ability to go hands-free 

Popping bub in a carrier means you’ll have the ability to make a cuppa, hang the washing out, and just take 5 mins. 

4. Supports babies health 

Having your baby close in a carrier means that you can talk and engage with them, and they can interact more with their surroundings, helping them develop skills! Baby wearing also helps prevent flat-head syndrome.

5. Supports mums mental health 

Mums that engage in skin-to-skin for 5 hours daily in the first week, and 2 hours daily in the first month report lower scores of postpartum depression. The skin-to-skin contact stimulates oxytocin, producing an anti-stress effect and working to reduce blood pressure. 

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