5 must-haves for baby's first bath time

Shnuggle Bath

So you’ve just given birth, left the hospital and have started your adventure into parenthood. One of the first milestones you will reach once you arrive home is your tiny human’s first bath! It can be a daunting experience of knowing what you’ll need, what temperature the water should be at, how to clean them and then get them dry and warm. There’s a few products on the market that make things A LOT easier for parents to bath their LO’s these days. We’ve done the work by rounding up our top 5 bath must-haves!

1 Somewhere to bathe them, obviously: It goes without saying that bath time requires a bath, ground-breaking! But you would be surprised that it’s not as simple as popping your tiny human into your bath at home, and what if you don’t have a bath!? Let us break it down for you! If you have your own bath at home that you can use, then we highly recommend the Angel Care Bath Support . It’s ergonomically designed so that you can pop your baby safely in it, allowing you to have your hands free to interact with them. If you don’t have your own bath, on would prefer to opt for a baby bath while they are little, then you really can’t go past the best-selling Shnuggle Bath. It’s a multi-award winning bath that is designed to grow with your baby - right up until 12 months! Also ergonomically designed to give you hands-free options, it’s one of the best-selling baby bath on the market for a reason. 

2. A way to rinse them off: Cleaning your newborn off can be a tricky job. You want to be gentle enough to keep them calm, but thorough enough to ensure they are cleaned. We love the Skip Hop Moby Waterfall Bath Rinser because it allows for quick, cry-free rinsing. It’s also very cute and can double as a bath toy as your baby gets older.

3. A gentle bath wash: While we’re on the topic of cleansing, you’ll need to find a gentle bath wash to keep your little one clean. We always recommend the WotNot Naturals range. Made from mostly edible ingredients, this multi-award-winning, 100% Natural Baby Wash cleanses without removing your baby’s natural oils.

4. Something to check the water temperature with: Making sure the water is the perfect temperature is crucial for sensitive babies. Too hot and we could hurt them, too cold and they could be uncomfortable. Never worry about the water temperature with the Phillips Avent Room and Bath Thermometer

5. Something to keep them dry and warm: Once bath time has concluded you have 0.41 seconds to get your baby dry before they lose their call (speaking as an experienced parent). With that said, it’s important to have a nice dry towel ready to wrap up your human burrito with. We love the Kip&Co baby waffle towels because they are fast drying, made from 100% cotton, and super cute!