5 non-baby items that helped me in the first year of parenting

Mum with Pram

Becoming a parent is life-changing, literally. The dynamic of your relationships change, as do you. Before you know it, you’re living a new reality that at times, can seem strange and unfamiliar. A lot of planning for this new reality goes into the baby of course, but it’s also important to think of yourself and have some tricks up your sleeve to help get you up out of the trenches of postpartum and into the glorious first year of parenting and beyond. Here’s 5 ‘non-baby’ items that helped get me through my first year as a new Mum.

1. A Slow Cooker AKA your new best-friend. Once the meal trains have dried up and the freezer has emptied you’re going to need to think of cooking again. This can be the last thing on your mind while you’re trying to keep a baby alive, settled and content. Do yourself a favor and invest in a slow-cooker. You can literally throw just about anything in there for 8 hours and you’re guaranteed it will taste good. It frees up your time in the evening, giving you a little more time to sit down and recharge.  

2. A pair of headphones: You’ll be spending a lot of time with your other new best-friend (your baby). They are very sensitive to sounds in their newborn days. Between feeding and contact naps, you’ll soon learn that your bubba may be on the outside now, but they are still basically attached to you all day. It’s sometimes nice to pop in your headphones and chuck on the latest episode of Beyond The Bump, or some old music that you listened to religiously pre-bub. Trust me, it will make you feel like you.

3. A library membership: Ever since Covid, a lot of state libraries have gone even more digital, meaning that members get access to e-books and audiobooks. As a parent spending a lot of time with a baby in their arms feeding or on them sleeping, having an audiobook or e-book accessible on my phone was amazing. It was one way that I could do something small for myself each day. If you’ve already got yourself a library membership, try downloading the BorrowBox app and linking your membership there for free. 

4. Your Mum Group: This isn’t an ‘item’ per se, but it is a necessity. As a new Mum with literally next to no idea what I was doing, having a group of Mums that I could lean on, talk to, laugh with, and confide in was exactly what my mental health needed. If your friends aren’t having babies and you don’t know where to turn for a mum group, try searching on Facebook or downloading the Peanut app

5. A thermos coffee cup: It’s true, becoming a parent means your coffee is likely to go cold because 46082 things will come up between making it, and taking the first sip. Invest in a thermos coffee cup! It will keep your coffee warmer for longer, and it’s perfect for out and about walks with your bubba.