5 things to do before your baby arrives

Pregnant Lady

Waiting for your baby to arrive is one of the most exciting times. It’s basically the pregnant woman’s equivalent of Christmas Eve. The imminent arrival of your tiny human can bring about a lot of feelings, and often you end up sometimes overwhelmed on knowing how to make the most of the time. We’ve rounded up our top 5 things to do before your little one joins you Earth side!

1. Pack your hospital bag

The last thing you feel like doing in early labour is running around the house packing your essentials. Make sure you're ready to go by about 34-35 weeks. We recommended using zip bags to label your essential items, making it easy for your partner or hospital staff to help you!

2. Get your washing in order 

Washing all of yours and bubs essential items for the first week or so will mean you can spend more time establishing feeding and connecting with your baby, and less time doing laundry. 

3. Padiscles 

If you’re planning on having a vaginal birth, taking the time to make some padiscles is a good idea. Simply take your maternity pads and apply a small amount of Witch Hazel and Aloe Vera to them. Fold them back up and pop them in the freezer for recovery. 

4. Prepare and freeze meals 

Think nourishing soups, slow-cooked and easy one-handed snacks. By preparing and freezing your meals ahead of time, it’s one less thing to think about when bub arrives. 

5. TLC time 

Truly take the time to do a few things just for you. Go get that manicure, watch that chick flick, or apply that hair mask. You really do deserve it.