6 top tips to settle a newborn, from a mum that's just gone through it


As a first time mum, no one really told me that settling your tiny human could sometimes be challenging, and that you have to persevere, change it up, and give new things a go when it comes to settling. I’ve rounded up my top tips that I give to my girlfriends on how to settle their tiny bubbas. 

1. Bopping on your exercise ball

Holding your little one close in your arms and bopping on your exercise ball. Bubs seems to love the motion and keeping them upright helps with digestion.

2. The baby carrier or wrap

Keeping bub close next to your beating hart always assists in calming them down. Again, keeping them upright will aid digestion and developing muscles. Sometimes bub is comfortable enough here to take a nap.

3. The dark room with soothing sounds 

Laying down safely with your bub in a comfortable dark room and soothing white noise can also help calm your baby. Being so new, too much stimulus can overwhelm them.

4. A warm bath or shower 

stripping your little one off and popping them in their baby bath or safely having a shower with them in your arms assists in soothing them. The warm, running water helps to calm them down.

5. Walking in the pram

Sometimes getting out of the house for fresh air is good for the whole family. Changing environments is all they need at times, and clearing your own mind is good for your self-care as well.

6. Swaddling 

Your baby is use to be snug in your belly. Using a muslin wrap or zip sleep bag to swaddle your newborn will help create comfort and security, allowing them to calm down.