Our top 3 tips for teething babies

Teething Toy

So you’ve made it out of the fourth trimester, and you’re breezing through that blissful time of 3-6 months where your baby is no longer a tiny blob, and a few smiles and giggles start to shine through. And then one day BAM, you get hit with teething. 

It’s around this time that your baby will go through rapid growth. They’ll start to crawl, sit-up and their gums will begin to crack to allow space for their little chompers to come through. It can be a tough time for all involved. As you can imagine, teething doesn’t feel very nice. It can make your bub feel irritated, sore and grumpy. It can disrupt routines (including sleep). So how do you cope with this pretty lengthy period of time where teeth start to grow left right and center? Here’s our top 3 teethings tips.

1. Be aware of signs of teething

Some signs that most parents see when their baby starts to teeth include: 

  • Rubbing gums together
  • Extra crying
  • Cranky mood
  • Difficulty feeding
  • Upset stomachs
  • Fever
  • Diarrhea

If at any point you become concerned for your baby, seek medical attention immediately. 

2. Offer a teether for your baby 

By around 3 months of age, it’s handy to start having some teething objects around that will help your little one out, it will also be a good tell tale that teething has begun if they start gnaring on their teethers. Our go-to teethers include Mizzie the Kangaroo and the Jellystone Rainbow Stacker

Aside from teethers, you can also offer your baby a cold compress to chew on, frozen breast milk in a Haakaa Food Feeder, extra cuddles, and pain relief if necessary. 

3. Have a rough idea of when to expect certain teeth

Having a general idea of when to expect particular teeth helps you be prepared. Also know that certain teeth will hurt more than others! Seriously, you might even notice a tooth has popped through without any tears at all. The Australian Dental Association has a great resource for showing you when to expect teeth to erupt, and also to fall out!

By the time your little one reaches about 3 years of age, they’ll have roughly 20 baby teeth! Then it will be time to initiate project Tooth Fairy :)