Our top 5 tips to help your baby sleep

BIBS dummies

Sleep, glorious sleep. A topic that takes the cake once you become the parent of a newborn. You’ll try anything and everything to increase the quality and length of your tiny human’s sleep (and yours). Newborn’s are designed to wake every few hours to feed in the first few months, so don’t beat yourself up if your little one is waking everything 2-3 hours in those early days. Once you move through the fourth trimester though, there are a few things that can help improve sleep throughout the night. We’ve rounded up our top 5 items. 

1. A comfortable place to sleep: In the early days, you might opt to keep bub in the room with you. It makes feeding easier, and it does help relieve the anxiety of being a new parent. We love the Snuz Pod 4 Bed Side Crib because it offers optimal airflow and comes with a gentle incline setting to help relieve colic symptoms.

2. A quality sleeping bag: Babies want to feel comfortable and secure in the outside world, just like they were in the womb. Swaddling a baby, especially at 3am is not fun for anyone involved. Luckily enough zip swaddles were invented. The simple zip up design will keep baby snug and securely swaddled without the need for complicated wrapping. Shop our favourites here

3. A BPA Free dummy: A dummy isn’t for everyone, we respect that! But if you’re looking for another way to soothe your little one, a dummy can sometimes be a great option. We love the BIBs dummies because they are BPA free and come in the most beautiful colours. 

4. A room thermometer: Room temperature plays a big role in the comfort and quality of sleep your tiny human is getting. We love the Tommee Tippee gro egg 2 because it displays the room temperature, the correct tog sleep suit your baby should be wearing overnight, and also operates as a night light, making night time feeds simple. 

5. A good quality baby monitor: Once your baby graduates from their bassinet and moves into their own room, overnight sleep can sometimes be a daunting thing for parents. We always recommend a good quality baby monitor so you can rest assured that if your tiny human needs you in the night that you will be alerted in the first instance