Our top picks to add to your baby registry

Baby Shower Gift Registry

Planning a baby shower, especially for the first time, can be such an exciting event. You soon learn that every aunt, friend, and cousin invited will drop into your inbox with the same question “What do you and the baby NEED so I can get it for you!?”. It can be a little overwhelming knowing what should make the cut on your registry. We’ve rounded up our top picks that we’d add to our Baby HQ registry if we had our time again! 

Breast feeding pillow 

Before having a baby, breastfeeding seems like a magical, mystical time, but you soon learn that there’s a knack to it, and having a few things up your sleeve to support your journey definitely helps. A breast feeding pillow will become your new sidekick - offering support and comfort not only for bub, but for you too.

Breastfeeding Pillow

Moby Wrap Carrier 

We absolutely love baby carriers and wraps. The Moby Wrap Carrier offers a sense of security and a walm cocoon for baby to rest in, it also allows you to have your hands free while also soothing. It’s a win-win, and an item we always recommend for new mums-to-be!

Moby Wrap Carrier

Baby Monitor 

Creating a quiet, comfortable and safe space is always a priority as a parent, and a reliable baby monitor will give you peace of mind when you put your tiny human down in the next room. 

Sleeping bags

Take the hassle out of having to re-swaddle bubba in the middle of the night by investing in comfortable sleeping bags. Complete with two-way zips, sleeping bags create a secure environment for your baby without the extra work for you.

Cot sheets

It’s no lie that all new-parents want their nursery to be nothing short of perfect. Having a few gorgeous, comfortable cot sheets on hand means that bubbas room can be made up for them at all times. We absolutely love the Snuggle Hunny range. 

Waterproof change mat 

Newborns require a lot of nappy changes throughout the day (and night) and accidents are inevitable. To make things easier and to reduce the amount of cleaning up needed we always opt for a waterproof change mat. Simply wipe down after using and it’s as good as new!

Waterproof Change Mat