So you’re thinking of trying cloth nappies? – One mum’s review and top tips for getting started.

With so many things to think about when you’re having a new baby, even the most eco-conscious of parents might find the idea of cloth nappies a bit daunting. I’ll admit for my first baby, it wasn’t even on my radar. However, by the time my second child arrived, I had a few friends that had been using them, and the idea of bins full of disposables just didn’t sit as well with me.

So I decided to bite the bullet and buy a pack of reusable, or modern cloth nappies, to see if it worked for me. My son is now about to turn two and still wearing his cloth nappies, and it was one of the best decisions we made. Here are some of my top tips for those who might be interested, but have some questions or concerns.

1.)    I like the idea, but I’m worried about all the extra work and washing!

I’ve now had one child who used all disposable, and one who used cloth, and I can honestly say I’ve done no extra washing with the cloth nappy baby. Babies result in a lot of washing in general, their clothes get dirty multiple times a day and you will find you get into a really good routine with your nappy washing, and before you know it it’s just part of your normal day.

2.)    The idea of having to wash the poo of the nappies grosses me out!

Realistically, whether you use cloth or disposable, you’re going to be touching a lot of poo! Those things can be messy, and wiping it all off the baby needs to happen whatever nappy you use. As my baby got older, I would scrape it straight into the toilet then flush, meaning less stinky waste to dispose of in the bin.

3.)    Isn’t it more complicated? How do I even put them on?

Modern cloth nappies have come a long was from those your parents might have used. The only extra step that is different from a disposable is putting in your insert, which is the absorbent bit that soaks up all the moisture. Other than that, the nappies do up pretty much the same was a disposable does, with little snaps on the side. As a bonus, they come in really cute prints and colours which look adorable on your baby!

4.)    Can my baby wear them at night?

Most cloth nappies need to be changed regularly. There are dedicated night nappies you can buy, or some parents choose to use disposable at night and cloth during the day, which is completely up to you.

5.)    Where do I start? What do I need to buy to get started, it all seems expensive?

Bubble Bubs Eco Cloth Nappy

This is probably the biggest hurdle many parents face. How many nappies will you need, what brand is best, what you need to be ready to go and how much it will cost.

One of Australia’s leading brands in cloth nappies, Bubblebubs, have created a great product to help with this. They have created ‘The Cloth Nappy Box’, which has everything you need from newborn to toilet training. They call it, “the last box of nappies you’ll ever need to buy.” The box is $999, which may seem expensive at first, however if you use on average 8 nappies per day for the first 2 years of your babies life, that’s 5840 nappies, which, depending on the brand of disposables you buy, will cost around $2500. That actually makes reusable nappies over 50% cheaper.

I recently trialed the Bubblebubs nappies on my son, as he is now almost 2 and I was finding the brand I was using he was soaking through them quite quickly. Bubblebubs were easy to use, and held much more wee than the previous brand, and we’re now using them full time!

You can find the cloth nappy box online or instore now at which contains everything you need for your cloth nappy journey, as well as answers to common questions, and testimonials from happy parents.