Baby Bjorn Cradle

The gentle rocking of BABYBJÖRN Cradle is a soothing and secure way for your baby to fall asleep.

  • Gentle springy rocking similar to the soothing motion of a stroller.
  • The cradle is easy to rock with your hand or foot
  • A soft, airy mesh fabric that allows for a safe sleep
  • Gives you secure supervision of your baby
  • Easy to move around
  • The cradle is very stable and has sturdy non-slip feet
  • Easy to fold
  • When you fold up the cradle, it only measures 5 in/13 cm in height.
  • The cradle’s mattress is machine washable on hot (60°C).


Suitable for: Newborn to approx. 6 months (8kg or until baby can sit up, kneel or stand unaided)

Dimensions: 58 x 79 x 65 cm

Product Weight: 6kg

Mattress: Included (36 x 72 cm)