Baby Bjorn Cradle

White Mesh

Gentle springy movement

  • Airy mesh fabric facilitates supervision of your baby
  • Easy to move around
  • Stable design
  • Can be used from newborn to 6 months (max. 8 kg)

Gentle movement

The cradle has a gentle springy movement similar to that of a pram. You can easily rock the cradle with your hands or feet, but it will also respond to the child’s own movements. This modern cradle facilitates supervision of your baby. The mesh fabric and the low height mean that you can watch your child sleeping securely in the cosy cradle.

Close to you

The cradle is ideal for the first few months when your baby will sleep little but often. It is light and compact so you can easily move it around the home, from room to room. The Cradle enables you to be near your child at all times–day and night.

Modern, mesh design

 A modern cradle with a stable construction. Protective anti-slide pads will prevent the cradle from moving around and protect the floor.

The sides of the cradle are made from soft and airy mesh fabric. As this allows the baby to breathe through the fabric, you need not worry if the baby’s face is close to the sides of the cradle.

You do not need to buy a crib bumper for the cradle because the sides are made entirely of fabric–there are no bars or loose parts to trap tiny hands or feet. The airy mesh fabric of the cradle and canopy allows air to circulate freely.

The springy movement is gentle and controlled. There are no loose parts. This is what we call safe design