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  • Baby Bjorn Mini

    Anthracite 3D Mesh
    Black Cotton

    Small, easy to use and super soft baby carrier for newborns.

    • Close to you - Your newborn needs a lot of closeness during the early days, both day and night. Baby Carrier Mini is a small, easy-to-use baby carrier that you can quickly put on and take off unaided.
    • Hands free - It's perfect for carrying your newborn for short sessions to lull them to sleep or comfort them yet keeping your hands free for other things.
    • If your baby falls asleep in the baby carrier, you can easily open the entire front section to lift your baby out without waking them.

    Sturdy, adjustable head support

    Good head support is very important both for a newborn and during the first five months until your baby can hold its head up unaided. Baby Carrier Mini provides sturdy, adjustable support for the head and neck

    Keep your hands free

    When carrying your newborn in a baby carrier, you are able to keep your hands free for other things. Perfect for when your newborn baby needs a lot of closeness

    Carry on your front either facing in or facing out

    Once your baby has grown a little, you can choose whether to use the facing-in or facing-out position. Your baby should be at least five months old before you use the facing-out position.