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  • Babystudio 5-in-1 Breastfeeding Pillow

    The Babystudio Breast Feeding Pillow with Toy bar is designed to support you and your child during the most precious moments during their first 18 months.

    The wrap around design secures the pillow to the body, helping you and your baby to maintain a firm and comfortable position. The firm flat cushion helps to keep your baby from rolling. Arm and elbow rests help to alleviate shoulder stress. A convenient pocket keeps milk bottles, burp clothes, phone and other items within reach.

    • Stage 1: Nursing Pillow - For breastfeeding or bottle feeding, this enables the closeness you and baby will love and cherish.
    • Stage 2: Infant pillow after feeding - This is perfect for after feeding. Baby is alert and wants to see the world.
    • Stage 3: Tummy Time - This is an important developmental milestone where baby is beginning to build their back and neck muscles.
    • Stage 4: Add toy bar for playtime - Lying baby on their back or adding to the Tummy Time position baby will love the toys hanging watching them move.
    • Stage 5: Sit up time- There is so much life to see. This is where baby is becoming aware of the surroundings.

     PLEASE NOTE: Each stage of the pillow must not be used until baby is ready. Baby must always be accompanied by an Adult when using this product and must never be unsupervised.